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Here is the hitch: Principals in NYC always have had the freedom to “use” any type of “evaluation” system that they choose when they perform an official observation. However, they must still rate a teacher either S or U regardless of what “evaluation” system they choose In simple terms, most old school, regular, principals who have years of teaching experience will simply observe a teacher and give guided feedback to the teacher that they observed.

The problem is that many Leadership Academy principals and DOE cronie principals are “using” the Danielson Framework to nit pick minor details as a way to get rid of veteran teachers. The sad reality is that there is really nothing much that the UFT or a teacher can do or say to question what evaluation “system” a principal uses. It is up to the principal to decide how to evaluate a teacher but that principal MUST still use the S or U system until a new evaluation system goes into effect and then teachers will be rated either ineffective, developing, effective, or highly effective.

It sounds like semantics but at the end of the day, principals have always had the power to rate teachers as they please and ya’ can’t grieve a U rating in this day and age.


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