Those who are not part of the solution are part of the problem !!


How it happened is that Bryant is full of racist people with their own agenda’s that get way with being incompetent, unprofessional and inappropriate!!!!

Bryant HS has encouraged nepatism for years….but netpatism of whom….the lazy,the most incompetent, unprofessional and inappropriate people ( Namita Dwarka, Guy Yacovone, Lisa Diaz-Rodriguez, Christopher Pelliettri and Adam Tanalski )all of which have been connect!

How did this happen folks…….is that Bryant HS is full of racist and self centered idiot people with their own agenda’s that are willing to do anything to continue to get away with doing the wrong things of course things that are in their own best interest……things that have nothing to do with the education of children. In fact it has been to the direr ament to many children that these people had been given administrative positions!

thumb down

Wasn’t it the Bryant HS staff that gave that idiot a standing ovation… idiot that barely graduated from Bryant HS…….the women that was a horrendous student, an ineffective teacher and a bad dean!!! The same idiot that has been 6 different places in 7 years. The same person that has received 2 U ratings!!! 

She demoralizes most and then praises some in order to gain some idiot followers ( how grown people can fall for the tactics of her false praise to gain followers.. Is pathetic) not to mention the that fact is that everything else she does is in contradiction with the praise that she gave you prior…’s called being bipolar!!

With few exceptions most of the AP’s spent a year protecting you from the biggest idiot to be named principal in the city of New York!!!!

Yet The AP’s left and all of you sat idly by and watched it happen!! You did nothing because again you are so self that some of you were glad and some of you were thinking how you could benefit from the absence of supervisors!!!! Who’s benefitting now????

The Bryant HS community is extremely selfish…the children hate her ( yet they do nothing), the parents know how horrible she is ( yet they do nothing because she caters to two parents that are on the PTA so if it doesn’t involve their kid specifically they don’t care…..selfish ) and staff is getting sick because if her ( yet they do nothing )….. no one can get it together long enough to get her out because of the selfishness!!! Has long as she’s their everyone loses!!!

Unfortunately, Bryant HS believes that certain people are entitled to get away with doing the wrong thing…..shame on all of you!!!

Its so sad because Bryant HS used to be a good school full of potential for greatness….she’s truly stolen all it’s potential for greatness!!!

Those who are not part of the solution are part of the problem !!



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