Bryant has been destroyed, Thanks Namita Dwarka




“Long Island City had a school we used to call our home, then Bloomberg came and wrecked the place and now we cry and moan. Our students are so miserable, as are the teachers too, so send up all a wailing cry for our once dear Gold and Blue! Cry for the Gold and Blue, our glory days are history. Bryant has been destroyed, the reason why’s a mystery. BOO HOO HOO! Bryant, thy Gold and Blue, thy sons and daughters e’er will mourn, and this sad song you’ll hear both far and near ’cause we’re all so blue!”

I’ll start with the first post on this new thread. Here’s the new Bryant School Song that I wrote while looking down on all of you from Heaven. It’s dedicated to Mike Bloomberg, Namita Dwarka, and all those who made their dismemberment of Bryant possible.


Read more on  –  Bryant High School Scoop


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