Infamous “Leadership Academy

Principal from helleL

Princple from the Leadership Academy

I have previously written on how principals are either hiding their vacancies or are selectively interviewing the youngest and cheapest of the ATRs when they cannot hide their vacancies. Of course if you ask the union or the DOE, they will claim that no such age discrimination is occurring. However, very few, if any older ATRs are getting any interviews. Now I read an article in Educationnext that showed that in Chicago, the younger principals do not like to hire older teachers and since many of the new generation of principals are younger and come from the infamous “Leadership Academy”, they rather not have older teachers on their staff. In the article by Brian A. Jacob, a professor of education policy and economics at the University of Michigan, wrote the following:


Finally, I find evidence that younger principals are more likely to dismiss older teachers than they are to dismiss younger teachers. There are no obvious explanations for this pattern, although one might speculate that younger principals may value different characteristics in a teacher than older principals. Regardless, this pattern does seem to warrant further exploration.

While I am sure both the union and the DOE have statistics that can support my claim, I don’t expect them to publish them as not to embarrass each other. The DOE for allowing principals to practice age discrimination and the union for turning a blind eye to the practice. However, there is anecdotal evidence to support my claim. I have spoken to many ATRs and a few Chapter Leaders who have told me that the principals were looking for younger and cheaper teachers to fill their vacancies. Part of the reason is their tight budgets but it is increasingly obvious to even the casual observer that the more senior ATRs are not even given interviews. Other principals are hiding their vacancies in the vain hope that the hiring freeze is rescinded at the end of August or that they can gain an exception as some principals were able to do in the last two years when Joel Klein was the Chancellor. Of course, many principals will simply let the “Children First Network” assign an ATR to them and let them fill the vacancy without taking on their salaries. Whatever the reason, the senior ATRs are not being selected to interview for the fewvacancies listed.

The only way that the DOE can save the $43 million dollars that they promised Bloomberg is to make sure every vacancy is listed and that the ATRs fill them. I am not holding my breath waiting for that to happen anytime soon.

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