Hold our elected leaders accountable to the needs of our students.



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The WCBHS Insanity Workout (10 minutes daily):

1) Call or email the Community Superintendent, Mrs. Tamika Matheson, with your own anonymous testimony: (718) 968-4101 x 1044 or TMathes@schools.nyc.gov. Ms. Matheson is the Superintendent for Brooklyn & Queens High Schools in districts 15, 22, 23, 27, 30 and 32. Her office is located at 6565 Flatlands Avenue, Room 104, Brooklyn, NY 11236. She is one of 9 Superintendents for NYC Public Schools. Note: All superintendents perform statutory duties for each school, including appointing principals in district schools, acting as rating officer for principals in the district, approving teacher tenure decisions, and approving school budgets. They also support communities by communicating with Parents Associations, liaising with Community Education Councils (CECs) and the Citywide Council of High Schools (CCHS), and supervising District and Borough Family Advocates.

2) Ask the people who set up this “Bryant High School Inside Scoop” blog to delete all the entries except for this one, and start a new post with this entry. Less than 5% of the faculty & staff contributed 95% of the information for everything up until now, and the website is an embarrassment to all of us. It’s time for the majority to step up and keep the posts & comments professional and focused.

3) Hold our elected leaders accountable to the needs of our students. Contact District 30 City Council Member Elizabeth Crowley at ecrowley@council.nyc.gov or 718-366-3900; NYC’s Public Advocate Bill de Blasio at GetHelp@pubadvocate.nyc.gov or (212) 669-7250; and District 26 City Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer at jvanbramer@council.nyc.gov or (718) 383-9566. (Mr.Van Bramer is a WCBHS alumni.)

4) Contact our District 30 Borough Family Advocate Selena South at 718-642-5733. She works in the office of the Community Superintendent. Note: There are 32 District Family Advocates who support the families and communities of the elementary and middle schools in their district(s) across the boroughs, and 6 Borough Family Advocates who support the families and communities of high schools and secondary schools.

5) Contact the WCBHS Parents’ Association President Gus Prentzas at gusprentzas@aol.com.

6) Contact the UFT, and log a complaint at (718) 830-5600. Talk to your UFT Chapter Leader and find out if you are in the position to file a grievance. If you are eligible, take time to complete the paperwork and file it.

7) Edit your own testimony by finding out more details about why former colleagues left our school. Either add their details to your testimony, or encourage them to write their own. Of course it is understandable if you would like to keep your testimony anonymous, but the testimonies with the authors’ names attached carry much more weight.

Leave out ALL names. Include dates, quotes, position titles, and specific details. And remember that we need to play on the same team if we’re going to win.




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