Most of the staff members think that the principal is undermining the success of the school. Her actions seem to show that.

Currently, William Cullen Bryant High School is a turnaround school. Most teachers feel that no matter what they do for their students, no matter how well they teach, or how high their statistics are, they will eventually be rated “inefficient” by the principal and her assistant principals. Most of the staff membersthink that the principal is undermining the success of the school. Her actions seem to show that.


She has second-year teachers, leading small learning communities. On top of that, she has the same teacher teaching honors advanced math, without any previous experience in the subject.


A lot of experience seems to be regarded as a really bad quality in the perspective of the principal. She has alienated most highly experienced teachers in the school, regardless of their excellent track records.


Tutoring is no longer allowed during the school day. If a teacher tutors, it is looked down upon. According the principal, if the teacher is competent, the students have to completely understand the lesson without any exceptions.


Everyone is mandated to meet with their SLC during their C-6. In those meetings there’s nothing productive going on. Some people have to do curriculum mapping; however the people who run the meetings don’t know how to do itthemselves.


In some cases, the APs are very inexperienced teachers; with extremely low passing percentages in regents exams and lack of knowledge of the content.


Usually passing statistics for the entire school are presented to the staff once in a while. There are never any recommendations on how to get more students to pass. No factor behind the statistics is ever accounted for. Instead, teachers are harassed into passing students who most of the times have not even attended their classes regularly or have completed any work to deserve a passing grade.


Group work has to be used in every lesson taught by every teacher. That includes those teachers teaching advanced placement courses. According to the principal too much teaching is bad for the students. The students have “discover” the main concepts of the lesson.

It just seems like the purpose of any of the choices the principal makes about the school will ultimately hurt the students and will eventually cause the closure of the school.


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