Yes, I am extremely angry that Principal Namita Dwarka terminated teachers that have changed my life and that she had made senior year a nothing more than anguish, but that’s not it.


To whom it may concern,

Recently, the news concerning the “The Scholar’s Academy” of William Cullen Bryant High School didn’t shock me at all. The actions and behavior of the current principal Ms. NamitaDwarka that I have seen as a student foreshadowed something as dreadful as this. As students, none of us ever had the courage to open up about how we really felt about her administration. The few that did had to enjoy the taste of detention in a room with no windows in the basement next to the women’s restroom…and that was because the students’ thoughts about her were publicly announced. Doesn’t that violate our first amendment? I wouldn’t think so; not just I, most of the students wouldn’t think so. Why would we? Why would we think of our rights at an educational organization where nobody cared about any ones opinions? As I would walk down the hallways, I would hear kids calling our beloved principal a “dictator” or a “sociopath” or a “fascist.” To be honest, I thought that was extremely disrespectful. Someone should never call others such things. “Treat others the way you want to be treated,” my global history teacher taught me this when I was a sophomore. Even though it was a little too much of the students, but after months of having her as a principal, when the kids say that to her, I’d leave it up to you to decide who was treating who wrong.

As a concerned alumnus, I would want a stop to this. And by “this,” I mean the torture that literally every single person in that building has to go through every day of their lives. Yes, I am extremely angry that Principal Namita Dwarka terminated teachers that have changed my life and that she had made senior year a nothing more than anguish, but that’s not it. I want the current students of Bryant have the same fun and educational experience that I had during my first three years there.



A Bryant Alumni.


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