Superintendent Tamika Matheson, its Time you put “Kids First ” Give us a New Start and a New Principle


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Superintendant Tamika Matheson is very well informed about all the abuse and retaliation against staff ,students and parents by Principle Namita Dwarka.

Mrs Matheson ,the abuse of power  by  Ms Dwarkas and her  lack of experience to  work with everyone in her building( expect  for a hand full teachers)  has destroyed our school.

Ms Matheson Bryant High School Community needs a new start  NOW !!!!!!!!!

You need to ACT NOW ! If you care about our children ,you care about Bryant HS bring back the APs that were forced out along with a new principle . You have in your position enough documentation to make the RIGHT DECISION for our school.


 Contact Information


  Ms Tamika Matheson 

6565 Flatlands Avenue, Room 104B 

 Telephone Number 718-968-4101  x 1044

Brooklyn, NY 11223




City Council hearings on the NETWORK

Before deciding the principal ought to be replaced, She sought the advice of Tamika Matheson, the district superintendent of Manhattan High Schools. “Things aren’t perfect… but student attendance is up and teacher morale is also up.”

Even as Matheson, Sheehan and Cruz recounted the good that can come from a strong network-school-superintendency relationship, city council members remained skeptical of the networks’ value.

“I talk to all my principals, [and] I don’t know anyone who is satisfied with the current system,” Councilman Mark Weprin said. “Give me a superintendent and ten staffers and I will run my school district better than you are.”

Polakow-Suransky countered that he was familiar with many school administrators who are much more satisfied with the current network structure than they were a decade ago, when the schools were run by community districts. But Weprin was unconvinced.

School leaders, he said, “are afraid of their own shadows. They don’t want to do anything without checking behind them to make sure they’re not getting fired.”


One thought on “Superintendent Tamika Matheson, its Time you put “Kids First ” Give us a New Start and a New Principle

  1. Concerned Teacher February 22, 2014 at 3:24 am Reply

    We are dealing with a situation at the Secondary School for Law in Brooklyn, another school this superintendent oversees. The principal, Oneatha Swinton, retaliates against kids and teachers. She has scared off the best teachers. She puts on a smile, but the second a teacher even questions her “wisdom,” she goes on the attack. Abusive principals have to go!

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