New Bryant Teachers Beware !!!




Dwarka is telling you not to listen to negative things that you are hearing ,but let me tell you THEY ARE ALL TRUE.


Beware you will be next ,don’t fall in her trap !!!!

Stay united and get her out. The kids need a real leader!


One thought on “New Bryant Teachers Beware !!!

  1. Save our school now from further destruction! November 11, 2013 at 5:24 am Reply

    A good math teacher retired recently, with more than 30 years of satisfactory service. He was smart, good statistics and a hard working person. She started to target him after the announcement by mayor Bloomberg to close the school. What a shameful woman after so many years of hard work she gave him 5 or 6 consecutive unsatisfactory observations. he was stressed out and demoralized, and he did not deserve this. Believe me in our hearts we know that Mr. K. did an excellent job and we want to wish him the best, most of us looked the other way. But this is not right….and more corruption should not be tolerated.

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