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Pictures are worth a thousand words




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The “BOYS CLUB” of Bryant High School

  • Staff Photo by Grant Morris
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They fell for it !  lol  haaaaaaa

Now I need to make sure they dont realize how i did it.





Dwarka – You know what this is about …


PA President on Dwarkas Hit List

Dwarka evil

Dosnt she have anything better to do then lie ,change grades, rate good teachers with U s,bully staff  and now fight with parents.

Dwarka Bryant High School needs real change and  a new leader.

Please JUST GO!


Stay Gold


A Queens teenager is in the battle with her high school, saying she should be allowed to learn from home.

Sam its time to go ,Bryant HS teachers need a real leader


Sam LazarusBryant’s UFT Chapter Leader, needs to go!


Dwarka plans  to have teachers vote him out by January  and  replace him with a younger UFT Leader.

get-out-the-votesmiling face

Dwarka, you couldn’t be a little creative for once. The Scholars’ Academy is located at Rockaway Park, not in the back yard.


The Scholars’ Academy High School provides an accelerated interdisciplinary-themed curriculum. Students entering into the Academy in ninth grade will be on course for completing many high school requirements by the end of tenth grade, opening up opportunity for taking advanced placement courses. Setting the Scholars’ Academy apart is the fact that the majority of instruction takes place in a school-wide cooperative group structure.

funny 2smiling face

Bryant High School got a “B” , but Dwarka got a “B” for Bullshit!


Take a look for yourself.

       Students performance  “C”      ( Bryant HS received  9.4 out of 20)

       School Environment      “C”     (Bryant HS received  8.3 out of 15)

       Student Progress    “B”  (students earning Credits –  32.7 out  55) hmmmmmm  very interesting. This is the reason why Bryant got the “B”      

Dwarka do the right thing for our children and just go!!!!!

Dwarka evil

Dwarka looks good ,but our children are not learning .

Once again she needs to go!