The Relentless Quest for Incompetence

Dwarka evil

The Relentless Quest for Incompetence

(1) Change grades for seniors so that the graduation rate can go up and she can look good for TWEED

(2) Target veteran teachers for U-ratings so Tweed will be happy and replace them with inexperienced teachers at a lower cost

(3) Push out and harass assistant principals
(4) Intimidate teachers
(5)Stress out everybody and overwhelm them
(6) Make a teacher win a Robotic Competition and then harass and humiliate her
(7) Come up with fraudulent recovery credit programs so Tweed can be happy
(8) Replace good assistant principals with teachers who will do their jobs at a lower cost
(9) Harass teachers to pass students who do not deserve it so Tweed can be happy
(10) Retaliate against anybody who can pose a danger in reporting incompetence or grade changing
(11) Go after veteran teachers even though they have good statistics and are doing a good job.
(12) Neutralize the Union, so the incompetence can continue


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One thought on “The Relentless Quest for Incompetence

  1. Save our school now from further destruction! November 11, 2013 at 3:46 am Reply

    Dictatorial practices by principals also occur at other schools across the country. I taught under six principals during my 28-year career at the same high school in the Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation’s second largest. They ranged from excellent to execrable. I don’t think the public understands the enormous power that principals possess as a result of the state education code, board of education policies and court rulings. How they choose to carry out their duties in large part determines their reputation among stakeholders. If principals decide that teachers are adversaries, rather than colleagues, they poison the atmosphere, and their tactics backfire.

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