“The impact of Namita.” Thousands of dollars were wasted


I did not get that email and would like to post the truth about how Namita Dwarka handled changing the school. I propose that the next post be titled “The impact of Namita.” People could respond with their experiences or what they know regarding the illegal things she did (ie. grade changes, falsifying data, and falsifying observations by lying about what she saw in people’s classrooms, like claiming rubrics weren’t used when they were, so she could fire this person she saw as a threat).

This is all in addition to spending money on programs that are suitable to elementary and middle school students, not high school. Programs the students had already completed and did not want to see again because they were so awful and boring.Thousands of dollars were wasted on achieve3000 and other poor administrative choices.

Read more on : Bryant high school scoop

This is the time for our faculty to unite and move forward! Get your department to write a letter and send it asap! We can win this!!

eval1n-1-webvanbramerAS MGElizabethCrowleytamika 2markey

Councilmember Jimmy van Bramer( 718)-383-9566

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio.  (212) 669-7250

NYS Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas (Bryant alumnus)718-545-3889

and NYS Senator Michael Gianaris for Distict 12   (718-)728-0960

NYS Assemblywoman Margaret Markey  (718) 651-3185 ‎

Councilmember Elizabeth Crowley  (718) 366-3900





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