2 thoughts on “Namita Dwarkas Trip to China (2013 Chinese Bridge Delegation)”

11bullshitare you

“There are NO Chinese students at Bryant, except maybe for one! Check the ATS Reports!!! This is Astoria, NOT Flushing. Having a Greek, Spanish, Bengali, Punjabi program makes sense. Is she really serious?

Dwarka is an individual who has “delusions of grandeur” living in a distorted reality, typical of someone who has a serious mental illness.

Definition of “a schizophrenic”: One who may believe that they are more than what they are in other ways. They often believe that they have power over others, and will sometimes intimidate others to exercise that power. They believe that everyone will bend to their will no matter what, and those few people who are intimidated into bending to their will are proof to them of how much power they have over others. Those who do not bend to their will often incur their wrath”

Disgusted & Angry teacher November 9, 2013 at 3:41 pm 


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