“She shouldn’t be the principal.”


A school administrator was ushering protesters out of the school’s front lobby and sending them across the street. He said that the school was not going to be able to issue a statement until after they were able to get things organized.
Read more:LIC/Astoria Journal – Walkout at Bryant High School

“She doesn’t care about our education,” said sophomore Andrew Morrero, who was among the students who walked out.

“She fired a lot of the good teachers, she got teachers that really don’t know what they’re doing,” he added. “Being that a quarter of the school walked out, that’s good to stand up to get her out of the school. She shouldn’t be the principal.”


One thought on ““She shouldn’t be the principal.”

  1. Save our school now from further destruction! November 24, 2013 at 4:30 am Reply

    Ms. Dwarka has rated veteran teachers unsatisfactory in order to win her sympathy from Tweed because of money, she is pushing veteran teachers out and has pushed good assistant principals out. It is called engaging in age discrimination, when you constantly target the veteran teachers and hire inexperienced teachers while there are experienced ATRS with no positions. An investigation is on the way, we will not stop until all the corruption of the last 2 years is out. How come all these veteran teachers worked for many years under different supervisors and were never rated unsatisfactory? She rates teachers with good statistics because of personal grudges or dislikes. This is totally destructive and unacceptable for establishing a good learning environment. it has all to do with money and her having full control. This school environment is not appropriate in a country where there are laws against harassment, bullying and age discrimination.

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