PA President on Dwarkas Hit List

Dwarka evil

Dosnt she have anything better to do then lie ,change grades, rate good teachers with U s,bully staff  and now fight with parents.

Dwarka Bryant High School needs real change and  a new leader.

Please JUST GO!


Stay Gold



2 thoughts on “PA President on Dwarkas Hit List

  1. Save our school now from further destruction! November 28, 2013 at 2:35 am Reply

    Perhaps this is part of the master plan by the mayor and the DOE to run the school into the ground by having an abusive principal in charge, by turning what should be a cooperative effort between teachers and administration into a divide and conquer situation. This latest experience has made me really consider leaving the profession something that I truly love and is my passion, however I don’t like the constant mental and emotional abuse. I can go somewhere else and get paid a lot more money to be abused in that way. The saddest thing is that at the end of all this the real victim is the student, the one who’s supposed to “benefit”!!!! Some of us did not fight enough for all the good veteran employees that got pushed out. We all are aware of the abuse inflicted on the math teacher who worked very hard to win the Robotic competition. This would never have happened with a true leader in charge of the school.

  2. Save our school now from further destruction! January 10, 2014 at 1:07 am Reply

    This is an administration that works against the teachers,

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