“She bullied us into passing kids who didn’t deserve it” Shame on you Namita Dwarka Is this how Bryant High School Got a “B”




I’m so afraid that this court case is going to stop people from speaking out on this blog. I dare the principal of Bryant and any lawyer to disprove the facts brought up on this sight.http://bryanthighnyc.blogspot.com

Fact 1: our principal never once attempted to work with us to fix the DOE’s issues with the school.


Fact 2: our principal never once attempted to hear us out on any issue; instead she went after anyone who asked questions
in a vindictive manner.


Fact 3: despite the fact that instruction is always blamed for the failings in our
public schools our principal never once attempted to
improve it. Instead she denied pre observation visits
and made up a great deal of what she brought up in
our post observation conferences.

Fact 4: she only
visited a handful of teachers, going after those she
deemed too young or too old, and left those alone
she didn’t have a personal problem with.

Fact 5: she
hired back only 30%, when the Agreement called for 50% and other schools hired back over 80%.

Fact 6: she made everyone jump through hoops all year, at the students’ expense, only to get rid of key Bryant people who made the school what it was.


Fact 7: She never once offered any helpful hint, idea, tactic, professional development, word, or letter to help us achieve what she and the DOE expected of us, because she, herself, had no such knowledge.

Fact 8: she blamed us for wasting instructional time with anything that wasn’t group work and spent twenty minutes stroking her ego on the loudspeaker every 3rd period and pulling failing students out for breakfast instead of, I don’t know, leaving them in the classes they were in danger of failing.


Fact 9: she bullied us into passing kids who didn’t deserve it, holding unrealistically responsible for their grades and attendance, when even their parents or guardians gave up. Do I need to go on? This woman is a corrupt cog in a deficient system and we all need to speak out until these diseases like her, and our mayor, are held accountable for their crimes, and real, honest educational reform can begin.

ATR Agreement

Fact 10: she changed our observation ratings to negative ratings without even observing our classes(unheard of).Fact 11:she gave us nonsense u-ratings at the end of the year on our rating sheet, and after people went nuts she realized that wasn’t going to fly and went back and changed them.Fact 12:she threatened APs that if they didn’t give certain teachers U ratings(teachers she wanted to screw) then they would get harassed the rest of the year.Fact 13:dwarker you need help


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