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Final Count Down for Dwarka

DOE has told Bryant HIgh School Principal Namita Dwarka.- one more problem and your out ! school-chancellor-farina-602x401


DOE Network(201 Support Team) looking to cover up for Namita Dwarka ONCE AGAIN !

Whats  Wrong with the Dept .Of Education.



Above Network Leader Joe Zaza

(718-281-7520 call him and tell him Dwarka needs to go.)

The Network will be visiting(cover up) Bryant High School next week for the  Quality Review .


Dwarka evil_animation

Namita Dwarka is already prepping Students and Staff.



A Positive ” Quality Review” by “Dwarkas” Network will show they are doing a good job and  will make the Network and the Network leader .Mr Zaza look good . ( But who cares about the truth )



D.O.E needs to get real ,and do whats best for the children at Bryant HS 

Time is running out for Namita Dwarka at W.C Bryant High School

“Pics of her doing some bad bad stuff coming soon people.”


“No worries, this is her last year….just waiting for the right time to release them online and even youtube!”

di Blasi

Tweed is finally listening and there has been more than 6 investigations so far. So now it is time to speak about grade changing, harassment, pressuring teachers to pass students,



NYC  schools Chancellor Carmen Farina 

Dwarka evil

Namita Dwarka

W.C Bryant High School  
Now we have a chance to get rid of an abusive principal, Tweed is finally listening and there has been more than 6 investigations so far. So now it is time to speak about grade changing, harassment, pressuring teachers to pass students, Aps being harassed to change ratings on teachers, no compliance with special education legislation, etc. The time to unite to fight the negativity and corruption that she has brought upon us has come, so please no more personal attacks on each other. We have all been abused by one person in one way or another, and it is time to turn the tables. So many of you have cried or were unfairly treated, or were pushed out. You do not even have to lie to speak up, but you do not have to be afraid to speak up about corruption.

Per example teachers last year writing observations on other teachers, without having a SBO for the comp time positions, We still do not know why the chapter leader did not have a vote on it, and we were never told about the job descriptions of these coordinators.



UFT Chapter Leader selling out his members

Ms G , STOP fluttering with your students ,

Its Just WRONG!!!


Dwarka allows students to do 5 classes of APEX ! She will do anything to fudge the graduation rate. I did NOTHING but play on the computer ,who caress in June Im out of this “nut house”



Namita Dwarka continues to do it her way while Department of Education looks the other way.

She is pushing falling  students into the APEX program so that they can graduate .

Faced with the challenge of keeping students on track to graduate on time, Namita Dwarka placed them in  credit recovery program.

As a result, she had saw a 13 percentage point increase in graduation rates.

Students are happy to graduate .

According to a Bryant High School Senior “ I did NOTHING but play on the computer ,who cares in June Im out of this “nut house”

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Bryant High School teacher has a Stroke from Abusive Principle



Math teacher just got a stroke, the nonsense and the unnecessary stress caused from an abusive principal is going to get to all of you. one of her targets from 2 years ago another math teacher also suffered from chest pains and was hospitalized. The number of people calling in sick has increased also, this is not a healthy environment for none of you. So what are you all going to do? nothing? What is the UFT doing? Nothing